Montage Videos

Bring your story to life! bieMEDIA's highly-skilled production team combines creativity with state-of-the-art editing techniques to deliver an eye-catching video that entices viewers to seek additional information. Still imagery, royalty-free music beds and professionally recorded voiceover merge into an engaging, informative video to showcase your business.

Original content video

Tell your story in your own words! Whether you visit the Denver Sound Stage, or opt for a member of bieMEDIA's vast international network of videographers to come to you, our experts will capture your unique message in an on-location shoot. Immediately following the shoot, our edit team in Denver will put it all together to create an impactful combination that highlights you and your business. No prior on-camera experience is necessary.


Add style and storytelling to your videos with custom animations. Animation can bring a plain idea to life or help explain difficult concepts in a way that anyone can enjoy.  Our animators are artists first, and can create custom storyboards to meet your exact specifications and achieve the perfect look and feel for your video before it goes into production.