This innovative technology allows customers to use their mobile device and your visual advertising to obtain information about your business on the spot. All a customer has to do is point and click. It's that easy! The image their device returns will include web-based content such as product descriptions, directions to retail locations and coupons. Offer customers instant access to your business!

There are 3 primary types of Mobile Visual Recognition products:

Basic (Cloud Based): By snapping a photo of a client's advertisement, the user is instantly linked to web-based content via a client-branded App installed on the mobile device.

Real Time (Device Based): Similar in function to the Basic MVS, but also displays a flashing indicator box on the user's device when an image is recognized. When the user taps on the flashing indicator, client-provided content is instantly accessible on the user's device.

Multi Layer (Device Based): Like the Real Time MVS, the flashing indicator box appears and auto-retrieves options, but users are also provided with instant sharing access to supported social media sites (i.e., Facebook).

You choose the one that works best for you!