When clients prefer not to host themselves, bieMEDIA is happy to do so for them! We deliver an embeddable future proof player code with the back-end reliability and accessibility exceeding industry standards, and we make it all easy by providing implementation instructions for placement on your site!

Our player types include: Embedded, Lightbox, and Custom. Rest assured, we maintain a service level of 99.95% uptime for streaming.


bieMEDIA will distribute videos to client-provided distribution channels or to widely known social and video sharing destinations. These distributed services along with our rich hosting and VSEO options give the client and advertisers full internet media exposure.

We have the ability to distribute your videos to three online accounts. All you need to do is provide existing credentials to us, such as site URLs, usernames and passwords.



bieMEDIA's HTML5 player is built to support all major browsers, including iOS and Android. We offer single and multi-player options, as well as the ability to turn on Social Network Sharing, custom links, Click-to-Call, and email. For our playlist players, we're able to show unlimited amount of categories.