API, aka “Application Programing Interface”, is used to automate video orders between clients and bieMEDIA's order management system. We also use APIs with our custom HTML5 player, enabling advanced features.


bieMEDIA’s VSEO strategy can help advertisers gain visibility across multiple engines quickly and reach targeted consumers via keywords that create impact with the power of sight, sound and motion.

To best optimize your videos, we utilize keywords such as titles, descriptions and metadata tags. You may provide your own keywords, or you may allow us to generate them for you by using a reference website.


bieMEDIA can report Metrics and Analytics for each video’s activity, as well as quantifiable data which allows clients and advertisers to track, analyze and gauge their videos and brand awareness impact. For videos that we host, metrics and analytics are available on a monthly basis.

Our various product packages include:

  • Displays: A video or channel being shown to the user, whether it's the start screen or actual video content
  • Plays: A single video or channel being watched
  • Replays: A replay of a video after it has finished
  • Unique Displays, Plays and Replays (unique per user)